Bigg Boss 13 4th February 2020 Written Episode

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Welcome to the detailed written update of Bigg Boss 13’s episode aired on 4th February 2020. The housemates continue to navigate through the highs and lows of living under one roof, with new challenges, alliances, and confrontations shaping the dynamics of the house. Let’s dive into the drama, emotions, and highlights of the day.

1. Morning Antics and Daily Chores

The episode begins with the housemates waking up to the energetic Bigg Boss anthem. The atmosphere is light-hearted as they engage in their morning routines. Some housemates are seen discussing the events of the previous day while others strategize for the tasks ahead.

2. Task Announcement

2.1. Bigg Boss Mail Task

Bigg Boss announces a new task called the “Bigg Boss Mail Task.” In this task, housemates are divided into two teams. Each team has to deliver “mail” (messages) across a designated path filled with obstacles. The team that delivers the most mail within the given time frame wins the task and a special privilege.

2.2. Team Formation

The housemates quickly form their teams, with strong contenders and strategic minds coming together. The task promises to be a test of endurance, strategy, and teamwork.

3. Task Execution

3.1. Initial Strategy

Both teams devise their strategies, focusing on speed and efficiency. They designate roles within the teams to ensure smooth execution.

3.2. Challenges and Confrontations

As the task progresses, the obstacles prove to be more challenging than anticipated. Housemates struggle to maintain balance and speed, leading to some intense moments. There are a few confrontations as team members accuse each other of foul play and breaking rules.

3.3. Highlights of the Task

  • Rashami and Asim showcase excellent teamwork, navigating the obstacles with ease and precision.
  • Sidharth and Shehnaaz face a setback when they drop the mail repeatedly, causing frustration within their team.
  • The task sees a humorous moment when Vishal accidentally falls into the water obstacle, lightening the mood momentarily.

4. Post-Task Discussions

After the task concludes, housemates gather in the living area to discuss their performance. The winning team celebrates their victory, while the losing team reflects on what went wrong. There are a few heated exchanges as housemates blame each other for the loss.

5. Special Privilege for the Winning Team

Bigg Boss announces that the winning team will get a special privilege – a lavish dinner prepared by a celebrity chef. The housemates are excited and eagerly await the feast.

6. Emotional Moments

The day also sees some emotional moments:

  • Shehnaaz opens up about her insecurities and struggles in the house, finding support from her close friends.
  • Rashami shares a heartfelt conversation with Asim about her journey in the Bigg Boss house and the personal growth she has experienced.

7. Evening Festivities

The winning team enjoys their special dinner, savoring the delicious food and celebrating their hard-earned victory. The mood in the house is festive, with housemates sharing laughs and bonding over the meal.

8. Nighttime Conversations

As the day winds down, housemates retire to their beds, engaging in late-night conversations. Strategies for the next day’s tasks and potential nominations are discussed in hushed tones.


The episode of Bigg Boss 13 on 4th February 2020 is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and celebrations. The “Bigg Boss Mail Task” tests the housemates’ endurance and teamwork, leading to intense moments and confrontations. The special privilege of a lavish dinner brings joy and camaraderie among the housemates, rounding off the day on a positive note.

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