Bigg Boss OTT 3 1st July 2024 Written Episode 11

Bigg Boss ott season 3

Bigg Boss OTT 3: 1st July 2024 Episode 11

The 1st July 2024 episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 brought forth a myriad of emotions, strategies, and confrontations. Episode 11 was a continuation of the high-stakes drama that has become synonymous with Bigg Boss OTT 3. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the episode’s highlights.

Morning Chaos and Strategic Planning

The day started with a note of tension as the housemates woke up to an announcement from Bigg Boss. The previous day’s unresolved conflicts carried over into the new day, especially the strained relationship between Rashmi and Vikrant. Despite their attempt at reconciliation, the underlying tension was palpable.

The Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss announced a new task to determine the next captain of the house. This task, named “The Maze of Power”, required contestants to navigate a complex maze and collect specific items along the way. The contestant who collected the most items in the shortest time would be crowned the new captain.

Karan, Anjali, Rashmi, and Rohit were the primary contenders for the captaincy. Each of them had their own strategies:

  • Karan relied on his physical strength and quick thinking.
  • Anjali used her calm demeanor and observational skills.
  • Rashmi focused on speed and agility.
  • Rohit aimed to outsmart his competitors with strategic planning.

Drama in the Maze

The task proved to be more challenging than anticipated. Karan took an early lead but was soon hindered by a wrong turn, allowing Anjali to overtake him. Rashmi and Rohit were neck and neck, each trying to outmaneuver the other.

Midway through the task, Vikrant accused Rashmi of cheating by allegedly hiding items, which led to a heated argument. Bigg Boss intervened, reminding the contestants to focus on the task at hand and maintain decorum.

Nisha’s Impact

Nisha, the wildcard entry from the previous episode, made her presence felt in this task. Though not a direct contender for captaincy, she assisted Rohit, her ally, by pointing out hidden items within the maze. This collaboration highlighted the formation of new alliances and strategic partnerships.

The Captaincy Result

After an intense competition, Anjali emerged as the winner, becoming the new captain of the house. Her victory was met with mixed reactions. While her supporters cheered, some housemates, notably Karan and Rashmi, were visibly disappointed.

As the new captain, Anjali’s first move was to assign new duties to the housemates, aiming to restore order and efficiency within the house. She also addressed the ongoing tensions, calling for a group meeting to discuss and resolve the conflicts.

Afternoon Confrontations

Post-task, the house was a hotbed of confrontations. Karan confronted Rashmi about her alleged cheating during the task. Their argument escalated, drawing other housemates into the fray. Vikrant sided with Karan, while Neha defended Rashmi, leading to a house-wide debate on fairness and integrity.

Rohit’s Emotional Breakdown

Amidst the chaos, Rohit experienced an emotional breakdown. Feeling overwhelmed by the constant conflicts and the pressure of the game, he isolated himself in the garden area. Nisha and Pooja comforted him, offering words of encouragement and support.

Evening Activities

The evening saw the housemates participating in a lighter activity designed to boost morale. Bigg Boss introduced a fun-filled game night, with various challenges and games aimed at fostering camaraderie. This temporary reprieve allowed the contestants to relax and bond, albeit briefly.

Strategic Discussions

However, the strategic discussions resumed soon after. Anjali called for a private meeting with her core group – Rohit, Pooja, and Nisha – to discuss their strategy moving forward. They deliberated on potential nominations and alliances, aiming to strengthen their position in the game.

Nighttime Reflections

As the day drew to a close, the contestants gathered for dinner. Despite the day’s conflicts, there was an air of reflection and introspection. Karan and Rashmi, realizing the impact of their ongoing feud, attempted to have a civil conversation to clear the air.

In a surprising turn, Neha decided to apologize to the group for her earlier accusations, acknowledging the need for unity and cooperation. Her gesture was met with appreciation, and the housemates agreed to start the next day with a clean slate.


The 1st July 2024 episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 was a blend of high-stakes competition, emotional turmoil, and strategic gameplay. As the contestants continue to navigate the complexities of the house, viewers can expect more surprises, alliances, and dramatic twists in the episodes to come.

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