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Bigg Boss OTT 3: 30th June 2024 Written Episode

The 30th June 2024 episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 was packed with drama, emotions, and unexpected twists. As the contestants continued to navigate the complexities of living together under constant surveillance, this episode provided viewers with several noteworthy moments. Here, we break down the episode in detail.

Morning Tensions and Alliances

As the day began, tensions were high in the Bigg Boss house. The previous day’s tasks had left several contestants at odds with one another. Rashmi and Vikrant had a heated argument over the distribution of household chores, leading to a further divide within their respective alliances. Rashmi accused Vikrant of not pulling his weight, while Vikrant retorted that Rashmi was overly controlling.

The Task of the Day

Bigg Boss announced a new task that required contestants to work in teams. The task, titled “Treasure Hunt”, was designed to test the contestants’ teamwork and strategic thinking. The house was divided into two teams:

  • Team A: Led by Anjali with members Rohit, Pooja, and Sameer.
  • Team B: Led by Karan with members Rashmi, Vikrant, and Neha.

The task involved finding hidden clues within the house that would lead to a final treasure. The team that found the treasure first would be exempt from nominations for the week.

Clashes During the Task

As the task commenced, both teams were determined to win. Anjali‘s leadership was commendable as she quickly devised a strategy to search for the clues. However, Karan‘s team faced internal conflicts, especially between Rashmi and Vikrant, whose argument from the morning continued to simmer.

During the task, Sameer found a crucial clue but decided to hide it from his team, hoping to use it to his advantage later. This move created suspicion among his teammates, particularly Pooja, who confronted him about his intentions.

Unexpected Twists

Bigg Boss, known for its unpredictable nature, introduced a twist mid-task. A wildcard entry, Nisha, was introduced into the house. Nisha’s entry stirred the dynamics as she brought new energy and perspectives to the game. Her arrival was met with mixed reactions; some contestants were welcoming, while others were wary of her intentions.

Evening Emotions

As the day progressed, the emotional toll of the game became evident. Rohit, feeling isolated from his team, broke down in tears. He confided in Anjali, expressing his doubts about his ability to continue in the game. Anjali comforted him, reminding him of his strengths and the support of his fans.

Dinner and Deliberations

The evening saw the contestants gather for dinner, a rare moment of unity in the house. However, the calm was short-lived as discussions about the day’s task and the upcoming nominations began. Karan and Rashmi attempted to mend their differences, recognizing the need for a united front.

During the deliberations, Neha voiced her concerns about the fairness of the game, accusing some contestants of forming secret alliances. This accusation led to a heated debate, with several housemates defending their actions.

Nighttime Reflections

As the day came to a close, the contestants retreated to their respective corners of the house. Nisha‘s entry continued to be a topic of conversation, with many speculating about her potential alliances and strategies.

Rashmi and Vikrant, after their earlier confrontations, decided to have a heart-to-heart conversation. They acknowledged their differences and agreed to work together for the sake of their team. This reconciliation was a positive step towards a more harmonious environment in the house.


The 30th June 2024 episode of Bigg Boss OTT 3 was a rollercoaster of emotions, strategic gameplay, and unexpected twists. As the contestants navigate their relationships and the challenges presented by Bigg Boss, viewers can expect more drama and entertainment in the coming episodes.

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